Hi, Im Rachelle-Ann,

One popular question I’m asked is “What does it mean to be Unlocked?” The word unlocked came to me when I was conceptualizing this coaching practice and I was trying to find an appropriate name to represent how I felt in my life and what I wanted to share with others. I must also note that even though the word unlocked is written in past tense, it is a continuous lifelong process of personal growth and development.Rachelle-Ann

Being Unlocked represents a state of mind. It’s the mental place you get to when you become self- aware of exactly who are, who you want to be and how you want to express it. Most people reach a place at some point where they want more out of life. They dream of creating a life doing something that they love and are passionate about. They want to be in charge of their life and their destiny.

The Unlocking process does exactly this for you. You are guided to find your true calling and passion. The results are so inspiring that within a short space of time you will be able to see drastic change in how you feel about your life. It is possible for you to experience the joy of living life on your terms. This is not just a cute expression, it can really happen for you!

Unlocking your true self is the process I went through and also take my clients through that allows them to be more self- aware, set powerful intentions and re-design the way they experience life everyday. Once the process is started, we use this foundation to design your life and build the best business model or career path for you. Also once you are unlocked your confidence and genius shoots all the way to 110% because you are finally in alignment with your true self.

Many women walk around not knowing who they are. They are so focused on serving the needs of everyone around them, they neglect themselves and as a result, over time they lose themselves. They forgot what they loved to do, who they are and some of them have actually never known who their true-self.

It is my mission and passion to help you unlock your true self and also get paid for it by discovering your dream business or career.